The T series

Keeping it in the family...

The Rover T16 Engine was made between 1992 and 1999 and was a descendent of the M series which itself was created from an O series engine with 16v head - The O series roots tracing back to the BMC B series with a lineage that dates back to the 50's. The fact that the L series diesel (derived from the perkins prima, itself a development of the O series) uses the same block is testament to the longevity and strength of the design.

Vital statistics...

The T16 is a 16v DOHC closed deck design with:

  • Displacement: 1994cc
  • Bore: 84.45mm
  • Stroke 89mm

It was available in three flavours:

  • 136bhp (138PS) 2.0 L Naturally Aspirated*
  • 177bhp (180PS) 2.0 L with Garrett T25 Turbo**
  • 197bhp (200PS) 2.0 L with Garrett T25 Turbo

*The NASP used the same block as the Turbo
** The difference between the 177 and 197 bhp units was simply slightly different cams, lower boost and a different ECU map for marketing reasons at the time.

Honda meets Rover...

The only T series fitted to the 600 series was the 197bhp turbo unit which is identical to that fitted to the other model range with the following exceptions:

  • Alloy sump with engine mount and larger sump bolts
  • Different PAS pump.
  • Different Engine Mount (behind cambelt)
  • Different Heater Pipework.
  • Different Wiring Loom.

It is also worth mentioning that all T series turbos fitted to the 600 series had 4 gap flywheels, where as some earlier T series engines fitted to other models had a 2 gap flywheel which is not compatible with the 600's engine management system.

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