Convert cam carrier bolts to studs


Anybody who has had to fit a camshaft carrier will know that tense feeling as you torque the nuts down diagonally hoping that that the wrench clicks off before the threads strip.

As with any alloy thread, screwing in bolts under load can cause excess strain on the first few threads until the bolt is in deep enough. The logical solution is to use studs.

Unfortunatly it wasn't possible to source the correct size studs for this conversion, so set screws were modified to make do.


To do this job you will need:

  • 15 70mm set screws at least 8.8 rated
  • 15 flanged nuts
  • Threadlock
  • 5 original bolts


Remove the heads from all 15 set screws - this can be done with a hacksaw or a lathe - ensure the "studs" have nicely finished threads and that the nuts run down the threads without trouble.

Screw all studs 22mm into the head using threadlock to secure them in place.

Note: It is not possible to put studs in the first 5 front holes due to the limitations of the cam cover. The Original bolts must be used instead.

Once the threadlock has set and studs are secure the camshaft and carrier may be fitted. Fit the flange nuts to all studs and original bolts loosely in the front five holes.

The carrier can be torqued down with confidence without danger of stripped threads. Care must still be taken with the original bolts, but overall the modifcation is safer than using just bolts for all the fixings.

Note: Once carriers have been correctly torqued, nuts may be threadlocked for extra security.