Fitting Foglamps


One common upgrade to a 600 is fitting factory optional foglams to a non foglamp equiped car. Conveniently the wiring loom has all the connections regardless of if the foglamp option was fitted. This means with some simple tweeks foglamps can easily be retrofitted.


To do this job you will need:

  • A NO SPST 30 amp relay (4 terminals)
  • A suitable blade fuse
  • A dual foglamp switch to replace the single foglamp switch
  • Four short (60mm long) pieces of wire
  • Four male spade terminals
  • Four insulated female spade terminals
  • One pair of foglamp surrounds
  • One pair of foglamps
  • Fixing brackets
  • Two reasonable 2 pin connectors (optional)


Put the fuse into slot marked front foglamps in the engine bay fuse box (go by fusebox cover as RAVE specifies a different location for ti models which is incorrect)

Locate a small brown 4 pin spade type connecter in the drivers footwell taped up out of the way. The Connector should have 4 wires going to it with white, black, red/yellow and blue/red wires.

Crimp up your four pieces of wire so they have a male and a female on each end. Insert these into the plug and attach your choosen relay with the following connections:

  • Blue/red wire goes to switched side of relay (i.e terminal 30)
  • White wire goes to feed side of relay (i.e. terminal 87)
  • Yellow/red wire goes to one side of the relay coil (terminal 86)
  • Black wire goes to other side of relay coil (terminal 85)

Ensure that all the terminals are properly insulated and the relay is secured out of the way.

Remove the instrument surround and swap the single fog switch for the dual fog switch.

Attach or fabricate brackets to hold foglamps in bumper.

Plug the foglamps into the connecters behind the bumper (they might be hidden away inside the engine bay). If the plug types are different, you can replace them with any quality two pin connector

Mount foglamps and test.