Remove cambelt cover


You will often need to remove the cambelt covers to change the cambelt or to gain access to then cams or tensioner. It can be tricky to remove the cover the first time without snapping it - here is the easiest way to do it


To do this job you will need:

  • 1/4 drive ratchet
  • 8mm socket


Rotate the steering wheel to turn the roadwheels the maximum right position. This will give you added room to reach the lower cover bolts.

Using an 8mm socket on a small ratchet undo the three bolts across the top of the cover, and the single bolt by the Coolant Temperature Sensor.

Gently pull the top edge of the cover away from the backplate and loosen the cover. Keep in mind the top cover has two lower tags that secure it behind the lower cover.

Wiggle the cover into position as shown in the picture, the cover must be turned about 45 degrees clockwise.

The cover will now withdraw easily away from the engine mount - a small amount of wiggling will be required to free it.

Remove the bolts from the lower cover, there are three on the top edge, one halfway down the front edge, and one at the bottom back corner.

The lower cover can the be withdrawn as with the top cover.

With the covers removed full access to the camblet is easy. Note the location of the cambelt cover bolt holes.

Note: For Aircon models you will need to remove the auxiliary belt and waterpump pully before you can withdraw the covers.