Remove the door trims


The door trims on the 600 can be tricky to remove unless you know how. This guide gives the basic procedure for removal.


To do this job you will need:

  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • Small pointed blade
  • Large Flat Lever


Remove two screws from arm rest/handle.

Use a small scredriver or pointed blade to lever open the plastic screw cover behind silver handle door release. Remove the Crosshead screw.

Slide door handle to release it from trim.
Behind the door handle is a small white clip locating the door release wire to the handle, unclip this and rotate the clip to allow the rod to be removed. Remove the handle

Remove single screw from the outer edge of door trim and using a flat blade lever clips off around edge of door trim.

Lift door tim upwards over lock pin, unplug any wires.