Colour:British Racing Green
Year: 1995 MK1 Drivetrain: FWD Body Style: Saloon
0-100: Unknown MPG: 31.3 Top Speed: Unknown
0-60: Unknown BHP: 310.9 Torque: 322.9 ft/lb
Weight: 1390kg Bhp/Tonne: 223.7

Low boost power curve High boost power curve


Fully Rebuilt with all new seals and bearings

Forged Bottom End (GBE Spec)

Rebored to 86mm (2.1)
GBE Forged Pistons with upgraded pins
GBE Forged Conrods
Modded standard crank - Dynamically balanced

Gasflowed Head

Full ported and Polished stage II recon head
3 angle valves and valve seats
ARP Headstud kit
Helicoiled exhaust bolts
Cam Carrier Stud Conversion
Klinger HG
Standard camshaft

Upgraded Injection and Ignition

New Fuel Tank with Walbro 225 lph and all new custom copper piping
660 Siemens Injectors (seq)
Innovate WideBand LC1 Lambda with diagnostics
Weber 3bar Map sensor
Electronic Boost Controller
Emerald K3 with custom loom, shiftlight and map selector options.
Denso Iridium plugs
Custom Magnecors HT
Blacktop Ford Zetec Coilpack
Stebtech distributer blank

Cooling and Induction

Custom Alloy Rad with twin 10" kenlow fans
GBE Intercooler (2 inch)
Custom Cold air box with ITG filter
Customised Inlet manifold with stebtech throttle bracket & stainless fixings
GBE Alloy Front Coolant pipe
GBE Alloy Matrix Feed Coolant pipe

Addtional custom alloy/stainless/silicone pipework for induction and cooling
Stainless Pipeclips throughout
Various Stainless Fixings throughout
Gredy Stainless catch tank and K&N Breather
Custom Stainless Sparkplug Cover
Poly Stabaliser bushes
New oil pump
New water pump

Turbo and Exhaust:

GT28RS-64 Turbo
Custom Goodridge coolant pipe
Custom Goodridge Stainless oil feed pipe
2.5" GBE Stainless Downpipe
2.5" Custom Stainless Decat with stainless flanges
2.5" Mongoose Stainless Centre/Back box
Ceramic coated exhaust manifold
Stainless bolts and clips throughout


New Slave Cyl and all new pipework with damper removed
Pollybushed and rebuilt gearlinkages
Helix Organic Clutch Plate
Tricked up Helix cover plate and custom mounts
Fully Rebuilt Cookie steel caged box:

  • Upgraded Steel race bearings
  • Quaife ATB differential
  • Modded 220 Ratios


Tein BASIC adjustable Coilovers with custom valving
INGALLS Adjustable Front Camber
New Balljoints/trackrod ends throughout
Full Front PolyBush
Rear ARB PolyMounts
Front RMS Custom stainless strut brace


Full pipe rework 3/8 copper and Dot 5.1 Fluid


Willwood 4 pot dynalite callipers
335x32mm discs
Carbotech X-8 pads
Custom Braided Brake Hoses


3G/Brembo Grooved Disks
Renovated callipers
Ferodo pads
Braided Stainless Pipes throughout


Fully Rebuilt Chassis
Full Respray (BGR)
Descaled, Rustproofed and Undersealed Tub
All standard parts renovated or replaced
Stainless Fasteners where applicable
Battery to boot using custom wiring
Custom bonnet catch mod for intercooler and safety chain

Toyo Proxes R on Dare X1 17" Alloys


MK2 Front Seats
Mocal Boost Guage with custom pod and shift light
Retrimmed Headlining and sunroof visor
Renovated Doorcards

ICE & Electrical

Nakamichi CD-400 >> Boxed Alpine SPS690A 6x9s
JL Audio E2150 >> JL Audio VR600-CS componenets
Alpine MRD800 >> Oz Audio Matrix Elite 12" subwoofer
Custom Remote Relay Pack and Aerial/CarPC control module
Uprated Oxygen Free speaker wire
Custom Sub Box with battery tray
Car PC with fold out LINitx touchscreen and GPS

Battery to Boot with Red Top Optima Battery & Circuit Breaker
Autoleads volt/ammeter
0/2/4/8 guage wiring

Foglamp Option Retrofitted
MG Heated washer jets
Osram HL Headlight bulbs
Silvered Indicator Bulbs
Clear side repeaters


Certified Cat1 Alarm system with additional modifications


Corner Weight (kg) Ride Height (mm)
With Driver Ballest (70kg) - 1/4 tank
Left Right Left Right
Front 420 430 650 636
Rear 285 328 640 634
Unladen - 1/4 tank
Left Right Left Right
Front 406 403 281 301
Rear 654 644 645 637
Cross Weight717kg
Left Split 701kg
Rear Split 612kg
Geometry and Alignment setting
Front Rear
Left Right Cross Left Right
Camber -0.9 ° -1.6 ° 0.7 ° -0.6 ° -0.1 °
Caster -1.9 ° -2.1 ° -0.2 °
Toe 0.3 mm 0.3 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm
Total Toe 0.6mm Thrust Angle0.00 ° Total Toe 1.6mm


Engine Oil: Millers 10/40 Synthetic Gearbox Oil:Torco PAS fluid:Dexron II
Brake Fluid:Dot 5.1 Clutch Fluid:Dot 5.1 Coolant:OAT